Revamping, Rejuvenating and Re-positioning a brain fitness brand

“This branding exercise has been extremely impactful in helping BrainFit develop a unique identity, not just look and feel, but also strategic positioning. This is critical to allow us to expand in a controlled manner through franchising both locally and overseas.” 

– Cheryl Chia, Founder,
Brainfit Studio

The key piece of the strategic branding exercise was to develop a clear and differentiated positioning for the brand. This was followed by developing a comprehensive brand identity in the form of a new logo and graphical identity for the key pillars of Brainfit’s delivery principles.

Brainfit is a Singapore-based chain of neuroscientific brain-fitness training centres focused on children. Its international franchisee network of 14 centres spans across countries like Turkey (7), Indonesia (3), Malaysia (2), Philippines (1), and Singapore (2). With such growth rate, strategic branding became one of the key pillars of its franchisee network expansion.


Overall customer acquisition has increased by around 15% since the implementation of new branding system.

Setting up of new franchisee centres has become relatively smoother as comprehensive brand manuals have standardised the brand implementation process. The branding exercise has given boost to the new franchisee recruitment.