Rebranding & Innovation Training

“Our company’s experience of working with Ideactio has been utterly positive.
The Ideactio team not only fulfilled its contractual obligations, but went way above and beyond to ensure that the suggestions generated were implemented and that the best possible results were attained.”

– Helen Marjan, CEO & Joint MD, Lorna Whiston School

Ideactio created a clear business and brand architecture around their two key offerings of School of English Language and School of Speech and Drama. The design began with the brand identity which drew on the huge brand equity in the name of the founder, Ms. Lorna Whiston. The logo symbol was built around the strokes of the letters L and W.

We worked very closely with the management and staff members of Lorna Whiston team to carve out the value proposition of the “Real Learning”curriculum and build a clear positioning around it. 

Clarity in brand positioning and communications has increased the student signup.

It has also helped in overseas expansion through franchisee, with a new centre starting in Hong Kong in 2015.

The branding exercise has increased the valuation of the company, as was revealed during the recent valuation exercises.