11 September 2019

13 August 2019

Today, we had our inaugural SharedMind talk on the Entrepreneurial Mindset. Organisations are about people, and people are about mindsets. One of the key characteristic of people who are equally valued by clients, colleagues and organisations is the entrepreneurial mindset!

Our event also included a mini design sprint which made the room come alive with the spirit of friendly competition. Participants self-sorted into entrepreneurial companies and were given a framework to produce ‘magic pens’. The goal was to out-produce the competition through a series of short design cycles, and participants had the opportunity to experience fast prototyping and creative problem solving under time pressure.

The night ended with a lively Q&A session where we discussed about bringing the entrepreneurial mindset and spirit into the workplace with inspired participants.

It was great having Johannes Comeau Milke from Journey 2 Creation Berlin join us. This was the first of our series of SharedMind talks.

Look out for more… coming soon!

15 March 2019

27 February 2019

16/17 December 2017


Ideactio was invited to speak at Code Summit 2017 - a conference of User Experience Design in Singapore on 16 and 17 December. Nav represented Ideactio at this conference and spoke on the topic “Is design thinking a magic wand for product success”. His talk was followed by interactive session to get views from an audience of 150 plus.